Gender Male
Seeking Female, age 59-70
Orientation Straight
Age 68
Affiliation Atheist
Height 5" 10' (178 cm)
Location Vista, CA
Living Alone
Marital Divorced
Kids Yes, live together
Education College Graduate
Degree Associate
Income Average
Smoking Non-Smoker
Drinking Sober
Sex Want weekly

I got on a BMW motorcycle in St. Louis Missouri and headed to Berkeley California in the summer of 1968 and never looked back. I was an air traffic controller in the navy, went to college and spent the next 35 years in health care as a cardiovascular technologist assisting in the cardiac catheterization lab and open heart surgery. I retired early and find much joy in touring on my Goldwing motorcycle and anything else that my heart desires. Traveling is great, especially with a partner. I also like taking trips in my car and have enjoyed train ventures as well. I haven't traveled to Europe yet but have it on my agenda with the right person. I have traveled Mexico, Canada and Tahiti. I have always been interested in a river cruise down the Rhine.

I pretty much raised my two daughters by myself and they have since moved on with their own lives. I have a house in a semi rural are of Vista on a 1/2 acre that I share with two golden retrievers and my daughter's cat which she left behind for me as good company when she moved to Florida. I can do the outdoors as well as quiet times in the comfort of a home. I play the piano for self enjoyment with love all types of music. I play classical, boogie woogie, ragtime and everything in ,between. I have a Yamaha 6'1" conservatory grand piano ebony black, with great sound which I love to play . I don't care about "toys" and am not out to impress anyone. I consider myself fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Therefore, if you are to the right of Darth Vader or Attila the Hun, or follow Jesus that would probably be a deal breaker we probably wouldn't share political views.
I am in retirement and doing whatever I want. I hardly ever set and alarm clock and have a wall clock that tells you what days it is without the time of day. Who cares. I don't wear a watch either. An honest, deep relationship is what life can bring if the chemistry is there and you are willing to take a step. Important for me is to find someone who has had life experiences, blended with a balance of everyday adventures while always keeping a sense of humor. Life is not a dry run-it's the real thing. I am what I am. I may not be perfect and I will make mistakes but when I care, I care with all my heart.

I would love to find the right person who could join me in taking day rides or longer trips on a most comfortable Goldwing motorcycle or automobile or just hanging out together doing whatever comes to mind. I don't care about "toys" and am not out to impress anyone beyond who I am as an individual. I believe that really getting to know each other is the only path that can lead to an honest and caring relationship. By knowing who you are as a person and opening that up to a potential lifetime of happiness. I consider myself a gentleman with a good heart, great sense of humor. I am affectionate and a very tactile and therefore I am NEVER afraid to show affection in public. Holding hands at every possible occasion is very nice. If you would like to continue the conversation on this site or talk on the phone that's fine with me.