Gender Male
Seeking Female, age 21-41
Orientation Straight
Age 31
Affiliation Atheist
Height 5" 8' (173 cm)
Location San Ramon, CA
Living Alone
Marital Single
Kids No, don't want
Education College Graduate
Degree Bachelors
Income Above Average
Smoking Non-Smoker
Drinking Moderately
Sex Want weekly

Brought up in a Catholic family in NYC...sadly it took me 30 years to question it and am quite pissed about having wasted all that time and energy being brainwashed. On the other hand, it's great to get away from the nonsense and have a better future.

So I'm obviously fairly new to the non-religious approach to dating, but really looking forward to it.

I do what's called catastrophe modeling - assessing potential risk to buildings due to earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and severe convective storms. Was a physics major in college and am now debating whether to do further grad work in physics or to shift to chemistry and as I've been getting into it lately and find it fascinating.