Gender Female
Seeking Male, age 35-53
Orientation Straight
Age 47
Affiliation Atheist
Height 5" 1' (155 cm)
Location Merced, CA
Living Alone
Marital Divorced
Kids Yes, don't live together
Education College Graduate
Degree Masters
Smoking Non-Smoker
Drinking Sober

I am currently working on my Ph.D. in archaeology and digital heritage conservation. I have 3 Masters degrees (you know what I've been doing), in anthropology, library science, and geography. I also have a strong background in computers.

I am a very social person and like to be surrounded by people. I'm very optimistic, honest and outspoken, which includes letting you know what I think. I am very sarcastic and very much a smart alec; it's in my blood. I am also an activist fighting against religion on several different fronts, thus if you actually believe in a deity or endorse it, we don't match up and don't waste your time contacting me. I want to be upfront: I am not looking to get married, so if that's your primary interest, I'm not the right one for you. I would like to first meet someone and get to know him and then see where it leads. I am not in a rush. I think 2 people have to become good friends before it can progress past that. Also, I am very much a carnivore for whom no meat=no meal with absolutely no intention of ever changing; so if you are a vegan/vegetarian, I don't think I'm the one for you.

For me, a perfect match would be someone who is a liberal atheist/agnostic non-smoker. Considering my academic background, I greatly prefer someone with a higher level of education. Someone who likes to go out and participate in different kinds of events. These can be outside events like hiking or camping, or it can be in the city like going out to dinner, a museum or theater. I love anything ancient/antique, which I think makes sense, considering my field of study and research. I like to have involved conversations ranging from politics to science and anything in between. I also like to play board games ranging from party games to advanced strategy Euro games. It would be awesome if he was also an activist on issues like separation of church and state and/or women's rights. An extra bonus would be someone who is in a field related to mine.

If you want me to actually consider responding to your message, please specify in it that you don't qualify for any of the deal breakers listed here. Else, I'll know that you don't bother actually reading my profile and are thus a fake.

100% Deal breakers: so if ANY of these apply to you, don't waste your time or mine. I do check your profile, so if you are in the closet about your beliefs and don't publish them accurately, I will automatically disqualify you.
- conservatives/voted for Trump
- smokers/drug users
- anyone who has small children
- one night stands