Gender Male
Seeking Female, age 18-30
Orientation Straight
Age 28
Affiliation Atheist
Height 5" 9' (175 cm)
Location Billings, MT
Living Alone
Marital Single
Kids No, don't want
Education Some College
Degree None
Income Average
Smoking Smoker
Drinking Sober
Sex Want weekly

Apologies for that goofy picture. I don't take many selfies and that one to a friend was the most acceptable at the moment ^^

Let me go ahead and ruin it for myself. I am a mostly conservative leaning atheist. Some things I'm more moderate or center on, like abortion and gay marriage, but I will not get along wth a liberal.

I am a trucker from Mississippi living in Montana. I am currently saving up for property and my homestead up here. I'm a huge nerd for 19th century life and technology so I will be working towards an off grid, self sufficient type of lifestyle. Of course I'll have alternative power and all that good stuff too, but my love for pioneer days mixes with my interest of post-apocalyptic survival.

I looove cooking, especially pasta dishes. I sometimes crochet, toot my clarinet, and play my nerdy pc games. I also love to fish and do damn near anything outdoors. If conservative atheist wasn't sign enough, I'm a pretty geeky little country boy.

I might have a shot of something once a year for some special occasion, but getting drunk is not something I enjoy. I don't like or tolerate any drug use, including weed.

Regarding kids, I had to choose between want and don't want. I'm not in a hurry to have them, but I would definitely consider it if I found the right person. I've been in two relationships with kids, mostly girls, ages range from 4 to 14 so I've got a touch of experience dealing with the difficulty of children.

At 240lbs, I'm no soy boy from the bay, but I'm not flabbin all over the place either. I'm more suited for fighting bears in the mountains than being oily under a spotlight :P

I prefer short, petite women. There's no better feeling than being able to completely wrap your arms around someone. It also kinda caters to my natural protectiveness. I enjoy feeling like I can protect you from the whole world, BUT at the same time, know that my partner is strong and unwavering during through the toughest of times.

I am not at all a fan of tattoos, odd piercings, odd hair colors, etc. I'm also not interested in hookups or poly/open relationships.

I'm not the kinkiest guy around, but I do have slight inclinations towards very light bdsm. I'm definitely not a bore, just don't expect the pants to come off soon after meeting you... though you might expect a bit of teasing :B

One final note... Don't expect me to be too warm too quickly. I'm over any past relationship, but the sting of the one turning out not to be the one is still lingering. It's not a hangup, but it has made me much more cautious about making myself vulnerable to someone.