Gender Male
Seeking Female, age 27-45
Orientation Straight
Age 58
Affiliation Atheist
Height 5" 11' (180 cm)
Location Santa Cruz, CA
Living Alone
Marital Single
Kids No, but want
Education College Graduate
Degree Bachelors
Smoking Non-Smoker
Drinking Occasionally
Sex Want daily

I write evolution theory, design and prototype self-evolving software environments for kids, ride my bicycle, laugh, read, build things, drink coffee, and think.

Lucky to be born to great parents who care and still love each other, who try to build a better world for everyone, who always chose family. They are both public school educators and civil rights liberals... nice not to have to argue with my parents about politics.

I'm an atheist but not out of protest or anger. I'm a realist and understand how rare it is that a person feels secure enough to think rationally. I am a theory freak but love baseball... go figure. Grew up on a swim team, playing basketball, water polo, and going on family camping and backpacking trips.

Because of my great childhood, I like and understand and feel most comfortable with good solid real honest loving and compationate people who live simple hard working lives.

I love kids, wish I had my own, but am not stuck on the idea. In high school and university, I life guarded, taught swimming lessions, and coached adult swimming. I ride my bicycle hard for an hour or hour and a half most days. Do pull ups and such at an outdoor par course at a local university. I am fit and always have been. But it isn't my whole life. Get in, get it done, move on.

I have big ideas and work with deep scientific concepts but prefer a simple personal life. Some friends, good family, solid relationaship, no real need for constant extravagance or distraction. I feel increadibly lucky to have always known who I am and how to think. Life is astounding.

This is my first attempt at online dating. I hate it. I'd prefer to meet someone out in the real world. Maybe this is a wider net. Let's see.