Gender Male
Seeking Female, age 50-62
Orientation Straight
Age 61
Affiliation Atheist
Height 6" 5' (196 cm)
Location Los Angeles, CA
Living Alone
Marital Separated
Kids No, don't want
Education Some College
Degree None
Income Above Average
Smoking Smoke other
Drinking Moderately
Sex Want daily

I believe in the golden rule, fair play, equality, compassion, tenderness, empathy and honesty. I work at being a good man every day. I am an animal lover and I have two dogs. I have been fortunate to have traveled around the world a couple times and a lot of trips to points in between. I enjoy weekend trips discovering natural beauties of California. I have seen tremendous poverty and opulence. My travels have influenced my views. Social, environmental and political issues are important to me. I find many reasons to laugh every day. Especially at myself.

Magnetism, chemistry and timing… Those three elusive forces that are necessary to create a sustained chemical reaction that can last a lifetime. Chemistry is that primal spark that catches our attention… Without it, nothing else works. The mental connection is the magnetic force that keeps us interested in each other. If the right combination of these elemental forces forms, then the heart may join in on the mix....

I believe we “like each other” because of shared experiences, similar ideologies, mutual interests and an appreciation for those subtle differences of one another. A relationship should have much more “flow” than compromise.

The woman that I would like to spend my remaining days on planet earth with has not been jaded by life. She still believes in love and a romantically led life with her man. She is self-confident, but humble. She prizes loyalty, trust and honesty. She is gracious. Her walk on the planet is elegant and graceful. Her sensual side is as alive now as it ever was. She enjoys sharing affection and attention. She prefers to give, but only with another giver. She is not a narcissist. She communicates her thoughts and feelings openly. The distance between her brain and her heart is short. She has a worldview and is fascinated by its inhabitants. She feels alive in natural settings and cares about the environment. She is fascinated by other cultures and people. She is definitely to the left of center in her views as I am. She did not vote for Trump. She is cerebral, yet silly. Laughter is always on the edge of her brain. She loves to laugh, even at herself. It would be nice if she is a music enthusiast. She loves a long drive, even if it is to nowhere. She is comfortable in our silence.... This relationship can only happen if it is based on love, respect, trust and an open heart. We live a life of mutual devotion. I would not ask of someone what I cannot give of myself....

I think of two circles overlapping halfway over one another to form three separate areas. I see the two areas that don’t overlap as her and I. The area that overlaps is us. I would like to form a relationship with someone who understands this dynamic and will work with me to preserve and enrich it. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts...

I will have your back...

The purpose of life is to give it away....

If you voted for Trump, we won't have much to talk about.

Meyers-Briggs rating: INFJ