Gender Male
Seeking Female, age 18-50
Orientation Straight
Age 49
Affiliation Atheist
Height 5" 7' (170 cm)
Location Tukwila,
Living Alone
Marital Single
Kids No, but want
Education College Graduate
Degree Bachelors
Income Average
Smoking Non-Smoker
Drinking Sober
Sex Want daily

I’m on a mission to improve my health, to increase my wealth (there isn’t much so don’t get all excited 😊) and to improve my social life…I’m starting late as you can see by my age, but I’m determined and excited by my results at least in the health arena.
It’s so complex what I want in a woman, that I dare not try to explain it in too much detail.
A few things that would be cool
Nonreligious and or nontheistic - looks like I'm in the right place
High regard for science and loves to talk about it
Plays chess, would like to learn how to play, or doesn’t care that I do
Likes indie music or anything really – this would just be really cool if we shared similar tastes in general

Low regard for our present White House

Not deeply into professional sports – I don’t enjoy watching overpaid behemoths play on arenas too small for them – which by the way makes me laugh inside whenever I think of it. Ironically, I don’t mind playing some sports… if this idea bothers you, but the rest you can work with, well, let’s continue.

Interest in making money - perhaps together.

Enjoys: dancing, camping, laughing,

Desire to frolic – this probably isn’t a desirable characteristic in a man, but rather than “play hard” which sounds a lot like work, I would rather run around being silly, care free and fun when not actively engaged in my mission.

I like learning in general.

Just FYI – when I mean mission, I mean for the long haul, I intend on getting not just in shape but in “super hero shape, ” wealth – I’m a bit tamer with my aspirations and I am looking to be completely financially free rather than monetarily wealthy and as to social, I just want to rebuild a social network that I enjoyed as a kid.
You can see these kinds of lists can literally go on forever, but I’m also really down to earth, compassionate, loving, and kind.

As a side note – I am not a big spender, so even if I/we were to ever become rich, no one would really ever know.

I’d really like to meet someone and have my last date be with them sooner rather than later – how’s tonight ? 😊