Gender Male
Seeking Female, age 35-55
Orientation Straight
Age 58
Affiliation Atheist
Height 5" 3' (160 cm)
Location Anchorage, AK
Living Alone
Marital Single
Kids Yes, don't live together
Education High School Graduate
Degree Trade
Income Average
Smoking Smoke other
Drinking Occasionally
Sex Want weekly

First of all I'm not the tallest tree in the forest in fact in my 20s my Nick name was Stumpy at 5'2&1/2" that extra 1/2" counts . Most of you women look right over me to check out that "tall" guy and that's your bad .You're missing out on the best thing out there . My dad use to try to make me feel better about my height by telling me that I've got the advantage because when I'm with a taller woman and we are toes to toes my nose is in it and when we're nose to nose my toes are in it . Well let me tell you my toes have no business being any where near "it" so I'm searching for that one special woman that I can stand toe to toe with and look her straight in the eye with out kinking my neck . I'm a nice guy that has been taken advantage of but I'm glutten to believe there is that special someone out there somewhere. So I keep trudging along .