Are Atheists Going to Hell?

While it is true that some atheists do go to Hell, it's not a very popular destination, as one may imagine. It's far away, the weather sucks, and there's little to nothing in terms of fun things to do. Hell is quite the miserable place, but despite this some atheists do go there, and others live there for eternity. Not for what they believe or disbelieve, but rather the choices they've made in their own lives. Some of those choices lead them straight to Hell. Perhaps they could have made...

Exposing the Irrational Fears of Dating an Atheist

As online dating has gone mainstream, it's become easier to meet people that share common interests, hobbies, world views, religions and lack thereof. This is increasingly true for atheists, the fastest growing (non)religion in the United States and the world. Most online dating sites now have the option to choose "atheist" as a religion, and to search for others who have selected atheist as their own religion. This despite atheism not being a religion at all, but rather a lack of religion,...

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